How Xenical helps women with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome to lose weight?

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xenical pillsXenical, a generic of Orlistat is combined with a low calories diet to help in weight loss or to reduce the risk of gaining lost weight. It does that by blocking some of the fat consumed by the user and hence stopping it from being absorbed by the body. Any form of Xenical pill found from a source outside the United States or on the internet is not only illegal but may also contain dangerous ingredients which have adverse effects on an individual’s health. This medication may have more uses than the ones mentioned in this medication guide.

Xenical aids weight loss for women with PCOS:

The high insulin and androgen levels caused by PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) can lead to weight gain in women typically in the abdomen region. Xenical weight loss pill is often prescribed to women with polycystic ovary syndrome to lose weight. Fat molecules are broken down into smaller particles for easy absorption by the body, by an enzyme known as Lipase. Xenical medication acts as a lipase inhibitor and prevents the absorption of fat.

And hence, the fat is eliminated from the body in the form of stool. Patients suffering from high cholesterol and triglycerides are also helped by this medication as it lowers the insulin level. Xenical pills are usually prescribed with a healthy diet plan and exercise, and if a meal is missed or doesn’t contain fat, the dose can be skipped.

Things to remember for women with PCOS while taking Xenical:

  1. Xenical pill is not a weight loss for everyone, it is prescribed to those whose BMI (body mass index) is 30 or above/ 28 or above and the patient has a medical condition (like PCOS, high blood pressure, and diabetes) that would benefit from weight loss. Doctors only prescribe this medication after they have tried changing the patient’s level of physical activity and diet
  2. If 5 percent of the patient’s weight hasn’t reduced 3 months after starting the medication, the treatment should be put to an end (with doctor’s advice)
  3. Though this drug is very safe and effective, the gastrointestinal side effects (smelly stools, diarrhea, inability to hold stool and staining of undergarments) may be adverse in some patients. And the risk of these side effects is about 30% and more after a fatty meal. So people are advised to buy Canadian Xenical online after making a thorough check on the online pharmacies.
  4. Xenical also blocks the absorption of vitamins K, A and E and hence these minerals/vitamin supplements should be consumed at least once per day, about two hours before the Xenical dosage.
  5. The doctor should be informed if the patient has a history of any eating disorder, kidney problems, thyroid disease, malabsorption syndrome or diabetes or is pregnant or breastfeeding. Also, the doctor must be told about any other medication the patient is on, (prescription or nonprescription drugs, supplements etc.) as the combination of it with Xenical medication can lead to adverse side effects and even death.