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Real PhentermineAs a Phentermine buyer, it is possible that the pills you receive may not be real. This can happen to anyone as the drug is very popular as an effective weight loss remedy and there are those who try to copy the drug without getting it approved for use. Identifying if the Phentermine that you bought is real or not can be an arduous task. If the drug that you have is not real then you may end up taking something that can cause adverse side effects like a headache or nausea, or opposite effects like binge eating.

How to identify what is real Phentermine and what is fake? This is possible by knowing what to look for in the real Phentermine pills. There are specific markers on a very drug that can help identify it when it is out of the pack. All brand and generics medication require FDA approval, and the imprint on the pill helps to know that the drug you’re using is authentic. The other factors that help to identify real pills while buying are detailed below.

What to look out for in Phentermine?

ordering PhenterminePhentermine hydrochloride is available for use in various forms like immediate release compressed tablets, capsules, extended-release capsules, and orally disintegrating tablets. These formulations are further divided into their different dosage strengths. Since both brand and generic is available for purchase with this medication, one can buy the appetite suppressant manufactured by different pharma companies. To distinguish between these multiple brands of Phentermine, one can look for other markers like the color and shape of the pill. Capsules have their own unique identifying colors.

Phentermine is also imprinted with a code to indicate that it has been FDA-approved. In case there is no code imprinted on the Phentermine pills that you bought, it could mean that the drug is as yet unapproved or are just vitamins. This code also helps to identify the pill’s dosage strength and active ingredient. If an FDA-approved drug does not have these requisite markers, then the drug is most likely to be fake. When you choose to buy Phentermine online, always order the pills from a reputed online drug store that only sells an authentic pill that is genuine.

Identifying markers of real Phentermine pills

If you are unaware as to how to identify the real medication that you have, you can use a pill identifier tool online that allows you to enter the drug code, shape, and color, with which the drug’s name and other related details are displayed. It has a lot of generic variants and it is not possible to list all of them here. Buy real Phentermine legally and safely from renowned internet drugstores with real markers.

Top-selling brand Adipex pill is oval or elliptical in shape, colored white with blue specks, and has the imprint Adipex-P 9 9 for the 37.5 mg dosage. The Adipex capsule is a mix of blue and white and has the imprint Adipex-P 37.5 on it. Other Phentermine variants may be capsules or tablets, most of them have a mix of white and stark blue or completely yellow capsules. Imprints like K 29, K 25, MP 273, E5000, LANNETT 1310, MUTUAL 274, etc. may be printed on them.