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1. Susan, CA

Body weight before taking the pill: 223 pounds – January 07, 2017

Current weight after taking the pill: 157 pounds – June 13, 2017

Susan, CAAfter my marriage, I have put on so much body weight 223 pounds within a year. My neighbors and peoples laugh at me because of my obesity. Even my husband also starts to notice my obesity and drop some hints about my food and also encourage to excises more.  Each and every day I woke up with confident to reduce my weight but everything ended with failure then I started to feel unhappy and fed up with the medications and treatments. I was so desperate when a women wearing sexy tops and skinny jeans. All of these, my marriage life was not that much happy. We both consulted weight loss specialist then the doctor prescribed Phentermine 37.5mg pill for the duration of the six-month course.

The weight loss drug is a miracle pill in terms of Phentermine. The drug is an appetite suppressant, which makes to follow your eating habits but control your appetite. Along with that, I started a little bit activities such as cycling and walking with my husband. At last, I have noticed that my weight is dropping off me. I started taking the pill since January and now it is almost six months, I have lost around 60 pounds within a six month and felt really happy and awesome. I can honestly say that the Phentermine pill has changed my life. Now my neighbors and peoples are wondering about my weight loss result.

2.James D. Mintz, NY

Body weight before taking the pill: 375 pounds – March 23, 2017

Current weight after taking the pill: 315 pounds – Oct 06, 2017

James D. Mintz, NYI can honestly say that Phentermine is a Godsend medication for the obesity people. I’m a heart attack patient if I had not found this weight loss pill for my obesity, then my life would be in huge trouble. My age is 36 but my weight is 375 pound and I guess that it happened because of my bad habit. I literally eat whatever on my plate, it does not matter whether I’m hungry or not. In my age of 30, I started to experience chest pains and breathing problems. After my medical test, my doctor said that I had high blood pressure and angina because of my obesity and unhealthy lifestyle.

I discovered the best weight loss pill called Phentermine after serious research on the internet. I consulted my health care advisor to suggest Phentermine for my obesity then we both had a conversation about the drug interactions and side effects of the drug. My weight was 375 pounds at the time of my first Phentermine pill but now my weight is 315 pounds just within seven months. Really awesome and now am planning to join the gym in order to reduce my weight effectively along with Phentermine pill. Really, thanks to Phentermine.