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withdrawal symptoms of xenicalXenical, with generic name Orlistat, is a drug recommended for cutting down calories in the body by blocking fat absorption metabolism. A low-calorie diet compliments the drug and aids in weight loss process. Although the drug is available by prescription only, an over-the-counter version for the drug named alli is available in both offline and online pharmacies but is half the strength of Xenical. Hence, it is always best to buy Xenical from reputed online pharmacies to get hold of the drug to experience the full effect of the medication.

Like many other anti-obesity medications, Xenical is also habit-forming and shows withdrawal symptoms on putting an end to the drug course. But the withdrawal symptoms aren’t permanent and therefore can be reversed with various approaches.

Withdrawal symptoms

Withdrawal symptoms vary with drugs, dosage, extent, and method of abuse, family history, the amount taken each time, and addiction duration and so is the choice of treatment approaches.

In the case of Xenical medication, quitting the drug intake causes mild drowsiness, sweating, and uneasiness. But reports suggest that Xenical consumption causes liver, kidney and pancreatic damages that usually outweigh the benefit of the drug and hence, withdrawing the pills is a better option.

Treatment approaches for withdrawal symptoms

A comprehensive approach to recovery from drug withdrawal is drug detoxification strategy that involves tools for speedy rehabilitation of the patients. The very first approach to this strategy is stabilization followed by monitoring the body to regain its normal physiological condition after cessation of the drug.

In such approaches, the severe symptoms are addressed first followed by mild ones and finally the complete reversal of body’s physiology to the normal state.

Another approach is based on the belief that withdrawal symptoms are more of a psychological basis than physiological or physical ones. Since brain reminds the body to take drugs even after the course is over. This calls for psychological strategies to fight abstinence and in case of Xenical weight loss medication, where symptoms are not significant enough just a short period of treatment works well.

Another option is drug detox kits which require the user to make changes to its lifestyle, dietary intake and may also ask for additional supplement consumption over a month or so. The safety and efficacy of these kits have yet not been established and is therefore considered to be highly impersonal, ineffective and unsafe.

Not many studies have been performed on withdrawal symptoms of anti-obesity drugs such as Xenical and therefore little is known and worked upon for the treatment.

Discussion summary

Much of the work still needs to be done in this area to understand and counteract withdrawal symptoms of Xenical. One possible reason for this could be severe side effects that prevent long-term use of this drug, thereby reducing the possibility of addiction. Moreover, addiction and withdrawal of any drug are highly personalized and hence a standard cannot be defined well to relieve all the consumers. Nevertheless, consulting the respective healthcare provider is always the best option to have the best suggestion for the worst conditions.

To sum up, there is no specific strategy, treatment or drug detox approach devised for Xenical but mild symptoms can be controlled and minimised on consultation with the physician at early stages to avoid severity.