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homemade beauty remediesAre you not happy with your skin? Are you having pimples, rashes, frizzy hair, dark circles and any other unfavorable skin conditions? Then your skin needs a makeover right from your head to toe. Beauty is an essential asset that every individual owns as a gift of nature. Few people are smart enough to take this beauty throughout their life whereas few people with no proper guidance on taking care of their skin go deviated and cause damage to their skin.

This article is intended to educate the women about the various beauty tips available at ease and how the use of products fetched straight from the kitchen can make a great difference in grooming them up to match with the current fashion trends. Excess weight can bring down your beauty quotient. Shed the extra pounds by consuming weight loss pill.

Utilize the below mentioned easy to implement tips and notice the changes that can bring to your face, skin, and hair and love your skin ever than before.

Combination of oily and dull skin

Take a teaspoon of chilled curd with sugar sprinkled over and gently massage the mixture over your face. Now cut an orange into two and scrub one orange half over the mask on your face. Leave it to form a minute or two and cleanse your face with cold water. Repeat this process thrice a week and see the difference on your face.

Dry, tired and flaky skin

Dry skin is not easy to maintain. In order to heal the dry and flaky skin, massage a paste of papaya on your face. Rinse your skin off the papaya mixture after 10 minutes. Mix oats and honey in cold milk and use this mixture as a scrub. Remove this scrub using cold milk or iced water and feel your skin to be soft and smooth.

Treating frizzy hair

Simmer a lemon (cut into two) in two cups of water till the water level reduces to half. Transfer this liquid into a spritz bottle and use the spray on your hair when you go out. This way, your hair not only becomes smooth but also shines and looks lustrous.

Caring for dark circles

Dark circles in women are on a steady rise due to hectic work pressure and the inability to cope up with stress. Yet the dark circles could be got rid of very easily by using products from your kitchen. Keep tea bags in the refrigerator to cool them. Massage a slice of cucumber on your dark circles and then place the chilled tea bags over your dark circles. Repeating the process daily will vanish your dark circles in no time.

Natural hair color

Boil few rosemary leaves and two spoons of black tea in two cups of water till the water consistency reduces to half the quantity.  Mix this concoction to ¼ cup of shampoo. Use this whenever you do hair wash and let the mixture get absorbed in your hair for about 10 minutes and then rinse it off to make your hair look shining brown.

Instant facial glow

Rub your face with ice cubes and honey together. Apply the egg white (well beaten up) on your face and leave it to dry. When you feel the mask is getting dried, rinse your face with cold water and see the glow on your face instantly.

Nurse your tired eyes

Long hours of work can be extremely tiring. Working for deadlines with no break can make your eyes dull and you will have a blurred vision for some time. In a bowl of water, add few drops of rose water and honey and bend down your head to dip your eyes.  Work the same way for another eye by changing the mixture. When this is done, rinse your eyes with fresh cold water. Your eyes might look reddish for a while but will disappear making your eyes look no tired and clear.