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taking xenical medicationXenical (Orlistat) is a weight loss drug that ensures that the fat consumed with meals is not absorbed, stored or metabolized but blocked and right away excreted out through bowel movement. Skin rashes are the rare adverse reaction when you do not follow a proper Xenical dosage. The drug works by inhibiting the fat-breakdown enzymes called lipase in gastro intestine and pancreas. There are various online pharmacies that sell Xenical, but buying Canadian Xenical from a reputed Canadian online pharmacy can help you to get hold of an authentic drug so that you can able to get the full effect of the drug.

The drug is available in capsule form for oral administration and the usual recommended dose is 120 mg thrice a day with the main meal (containing fat). If the consumer somehow misses one dose, within an hour of the meal the dose can be taken but not after that. Since the drug blocks fat absorption, the body might become deficient in essential fat soluble vitamins such as Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin E and Vitamin K. Therefore, a complementary multivitamin supplement is also recommended 2 hours before every Xenical dosage.

It is available on prescription in most of the countries but is sold as the over-the-counter drug under the name Alli in US and UK.

Side effects of Xenical pill:

  1. Xenical drug interferes with gastrointestinal part of the body and therefore the most common Xenical side effects include changes in bowel functions such as irregular bowel discharge, poor bowel control, increased bowel frequency or inability to excrete bowel at once, fatty/oily stool, oil spotting, and/or intestinal gas with discharge.
  2. Apart from these, some severe side effects such as symptoms of liver diseases (abdominal pain, persistent nausea or vomiting, yellow eyes and dark urine) and kidney stones (back pain, pain while urinating) have also been reported.
  3. Other rare yet serious side effects include allergic reactions whose symptoms may be hives, rashes, and itching.
  4. These symptoms are highly variable and dependent on physiological conditions of the consumer.

Skin rashes and Xenical

Skin rashes are amongst some of the rarest yet problematic post drug effects that have been reported in association with this drug administration. The severity of skin allergic infections may vary depending upon the interactions of the medication ingredients with other drugs and personalized tolerance level.

As per a study, the incidences of skin rashes are as low as 0.006. In fact, even for these cases, there is no sufficient evidence to prove that Xenical dosage is the only cause.

If it is Xenical drug that is leading to skin rashes, the symptoms would probably occur in first few weeks of usage and the cause may be the presence of certain inactive ingredients in Xenical that may not be suitable for some resulting into skin rashes.

What can be done?

The very first thing is to consult the physician even before taking Xenical and inform him about the past events of allergies or skin rashes if any.

If any symptom appears, fix an appointment with the healthcare provider (preferably the one who recommended Xenical) as soon as possible and withdraw the medication immediately.

Lastly, a must –know precaution, do not share Xenical with anyone even if the need for the medication appears to be similar. The Same drug may affect different individuals differently and share the drug without physician’s prescription may increase the risk of serious side effects such as rashes.