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buy meridia in the usDiet pills like Meridia have been sold in the US for many years. The pill basically contains sibutramine and is made in the dosage strengths of 5 mg, 10 mg, and 15 mg. This medication in all these dosage strengths was sold in different states in the USA. The only supplier of Meridia pills in the USA was Abbott Laboratories. Due to the intense side effects experienced as a result of this, Meridia has been banned in the USA since 2010.

But many people have actually noticed really positive changes with this pill. If you are one of those people who love this medication and is forced to shift to other best weight loss pills in the market due to the ban on this drug, fret not. There are ways to buy Meridia even if you are a resident of US.

Online pharmacy – Best place to get cheaper Meridia in the US:

Even though this medication is technically banned in the US and not available in drugstores like Walmart or CVS, online pharmacies still carry the pill and that will be the best way for you to buy generic Meridia. Mail order pharmacies also deliver the pill right to the home of their customers. You just have to ensure that you have a prescription for this medication so you would not have any problem while importing the medication t the US but only for personal use.

There are different types of online pharmacies operating in different countries and have to abide by different authorities or regulations. Some of these pharmacies are Canadian online pharmacies and off-shore pharmacies. Canadian online drugstores are usually more popular because they are known to supply quality and genuine Meridia. Moreover, since they are closely located to the USA the shipping costs laid on this drug would also be low if the order is made from such online drugstores.

Most online drugstores have this medication at a very low price and also high quality drugs. These pharmacies have a wide variety of payment and shipment methods to expedite your process of buying this weight-loss pill.

What to know before buying Meridia from an online pharmacy?

There are certain precautions one needs to bear in mind before picking an online portal to buy the cheap and genuine Meridia.

  • Choose only legitimate online pharmacies. Look for customer testimonials and physical address to verify the legitimacy.
  • Get a prescription from a doctor and only then buy Meridia online. Never pick an online drugstore that does not ask for a Meridia prescription.
  • Research some of the notable manufacturers of this medication and only choose the online drugstore that sells a popular brand of this medication.
  • If you want to go with the generic version of the medicine, i.e., sibutramine pills, even then look for the name of the generic manufacturer and gauge their authenticity.
  • When you are picking an off-shore pharmacy you must be double sure in verifying their authenticity. Although the price of Meridia is very cheap in such online stores, there is also a high scope for counterfeit medication.
  • Look for the cost of this medication by doing some research and see to it that the price in any mail order pharmacy is not way below the market rates. Too cheap, Meridia is a big sign of counterfeit medication.