Can you Buy Adipex from Canadian pharmacy if you are a resident of USA?

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There are general preconceived notions on whether it is safe to buy Adipex from Canada by a resident of United States of America. Residents residing in border areas always prefer to go to Canada or prefer Canadian online pharmacies to buy Adipex and other drugs for various reasons like cheaper prices, less regulatory norms etc. Residents of the United States of America who wish to purchase Adipex from Canada have to remember certain factors, like as follows:

The Legal Factors:

buying adipex from USAFirst of all, it is illegal to purchase the Canadian drugs by the residents of the United States of America. A licensed importer could buy drugs like Adipex and bring back to the USA, whereas the normal residents cannot perform such activity. Since the FDA doesn’t approve the foreign-approved drugs and medicines. If some critical issue like a side effect or drug reaction, the USA law does not take the responsibility for any such means.

The Safety Factors:

Cross-border purchase of Adipex drugs do not always be fair. The foreign traders, especially the illegal trader will try to exploit the consumers by selling a fake or counterfeit product, which is not licensed and approved by the country’s government. And it could also lead issues like Lack of proper information, packaging and labeling issues since Canada is a bilingual market, more than 50% of Canadians speak French. The USA buyer could misunderstand the dosage for the Adipex drug. There are factors like unsupervised dosage, if the consumer begins his treatment without the notice of doctor, it could cause damage to the health.

Buying from Canadian online pharmacies:

The US consumers who want to purchase Adipex through online pharmacies have to remember that the drugs sold over online are not approved by Health Canada and The National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) of the USA has reported that only 4% of Canadian online pharmacies are genuine and follows the government regulations. The report also mentions the fake websites are selling counterfeit drugs, contaminated pills and expired products. It is also said most of the online pharmacies that claim they are Canadian are actually operated from Southeast Asia or Turkey.  The consumer who wants to purchase from internet drugstore should follow a proper procedure for buying Adipex from the registered online pharmacies, approved by Canada’s health operative Health Canada.

The consumer can verify the legitimacy of the website which sells Adipex by looking through the listings of Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Site (VIPPS) or Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA). They can also scrutinize the validity of the website from Pharmacy checker website.

Buying Prescriptions from Canada:

Buying the drugs for emergency or economic reasons crossing the border has to do with legality, accepted by FDA of U.S and Health Canada. They can buy Adipex from any online store or pharmaceutical market with a proper prescription from the registered doctor. Since the Canadian Pharmacist will take one copy, the consumers are advised to take another signed copy from the doctor, which can be shown to the USA export authorities as a proof.